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Arkansas River Outfitters Association
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Choosing the Right River Outfitter for your Colorado Whitewater Adventure

It is important to select the right river outfitter in order to have a positive Colorado whitewater rafting or kayaking experience. The Arkansas River Outfitters Association offers the following tips for choosing the right company to meet your whitewater needs:

  1. Ask the river outfitter to help you find the best Colorado whitewater rafting or kayaking adventure for your group. Someone should be able to explain your whitewater trip options in a friendly and efficient manner.
  2. Book your Colorado whitewater rafting or kayaking trip in advance. Ask the river outfitter if they can accommodate the size of your group on the date you want to book.
  3. What type of equipment does the outfitter use? Certain sections of the Arkansas River require that wetsuits, helmets and self-bailing rafts are used at certain water levels.
  4. Is the outfitter a member of AROA? Members often exceed state licensing requirements and adhere to a strict code of ethics.
  5. What is included in the price of the Colorado whitewater rafting or kayaking trip? Most river outfitters provide lunch, transportation, personal flotation devices and helmets. Some provide wetsuits and booties, while others may charge a small rental fee.
  6. Word of mouth is the best recommendation! Ask friends and neighbors about their Colorado whitewater rafting or kayaking experiences and check with the local Chambers of Commerce. 

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